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Learning About Google Adwords -

If you have ever wondered how you can inexpensively advertise your online project, then wonder no more. Google Adwords can handle all of the advertising you will ever need. Now that you have finished working on that special Internet project of yours, you probably want it to receive some much deserved attention. Thanks to Google Adwords, that is now easier than ever.

Create a Campaign

Composing your first Google ad is really not that difficult. First, simply click on the campaign tab to begin, and then select “new campaign”. You will then need to provide a name for your campaign, and decide what countries you would like it to appear in. Your choices range from all over the world to specific geographical locations such as the United States and Canada. You also have the option of selecting which types of devices you want your content to show up on. For example, you can have it so that your ads only show up on mobile phones.


And you will also need to take care of your budget as well. Setting up your budget is easy. Just type in how much you want to spend on your ad and continue. You can go as low as one penny if you want, but do not expect much if you bid this low. This is not to say that people will never see your ads, but for the most part, the competition will simply outbid you. There are different ways to use the bidding process. These are known as manual bidding and auto bidding. If you are a newcomer, then you will probably just want to use the auto bid feature at first. With time, you may want to experiment with the manual bidding setting.


Now you need to create an ad group name. This helps to organize all of your different ads, should you feel the need to create multiple ones. You will need to select whether or not you want a text ad, image ad, or a mobile ad. Google also allows you to create television ads, but you have to select that when you first set up your campaign in the very beginning.

Tv ads are slightly different, and they will be covered later on. Now that you have selected the type of ad that you want to use, it is time to give your advertisement a name. In addition to a name, you will also need to provide a description and a url. There are two slots for your url. One is a display url slot, and the other is the destination address. So if your website is “”, then the destination address will be that url. But you could rename the display url to be whatever you wanted it to be; thus, if the display url is “hatsoffinternational” then you will still be taken to whatever name you gave as the destination url.


And finally, for one of the most important aspects of your ad: the keywords. You should pick between ten to twenty keywords for your ad. Keep in mind that there is no set rule for keywords, but it is usually wise to pick at least ten good keywords. These will help to increase traffic to your online project.

There is also a button that allows you to estimate the amount of search traffic that your chosen keywords will drive to your website. Take advantage of this, and log in to your adwords account to see which words work (updated daily). For the ones that do not, you may simply delete them and try a different set until you are content. Now all you have to do is click “save ad group” and you will be finished.

Create a Tv Ad

Creating a tv ad is quite similar to making an online ad. You give a name for your campaign, and set up your budget. However, there are differences too. There are no keywords for tv ads, and you will need to create a short video for your advertisement. You can either upload this via the Internet, or send Google a tape.

You will also need to select which channels you want your ad to appear on. And there are plenty to choose from. Other options include the ability to select the time and dates that you want your ads to appear on. With tv ads, the minimum bid is fifty cents; whereas, online ads have a minimum bid of one cent. So tv ads are more expensive then online ads.


Adwords are not free; you do have to pay for them. But paying is a fairly simple process. You simply give Google your credit card, and you will be billed whenever your account reaches fifty dollars. So basically, you are charged for each click that you receive. You may set your bidding limit to be a dollar a day, but it will not always be that exact amount.

There will be fluctuations, but in the end, it balances out to be be fairly close to what you want to pay. Also, Google makes it easy for you to close your account at any time. All you have to do is select “my account”, “preferences”, and then scroll down to where it says “close account”. Click the close account button, and you are finished. Simple enough.

Google Adwords is an easy way for anyone to jump into the advertising game. It is not free to use, but most people who really want to advertise their website can afford to sacrifice a little bit of money for it. Even if it is just a penny a day. ©JR All Rights Reserved

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