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A Better Type of Eye Surgery: Intralase Lasik

What if you could see clearly again without glasses or contact lenses. It is possible with IntraLase Lasik eye surgery. But it is not cheap to do.

Twenty-One Things Big Smartphones Have Made Obsolete

In the past phones were just used as a means of communication. But thanks to smartphones, they have become so much more.

Eating Aloe Vera

If you have ever eaten Aloe vera in its raw form, you were probably a bit dismayed by the taste.

How to Grow an Oleander

Growing oleanders is not difficult, but challenges may result along the way.

Helpful Tips to Becoming an Animator

The animation craft is not for everyone, but it does have a certain appeal for artists.

Should You Use a Lens Hood?

Lens hoods can be useful in the right circumstances, but do you really need to use one?

How to Grow a Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are one of the more picky houseplants, but if you really want to care for one, then it can be done.

How to Grow an Aloe Vera Plant

Growing an Aloe vera plant is relatively simple. You just need the right ingredients.

Space Saving Beds

Space saving beds are great for small apartments or rooms. Though, the price tag can vary a bit.

Understanding Your Phone Plan

Making sense of your phone plan can be a tiring experience, but it does not have to be this way.

Dear Cable and Satellite Companies: Your Price Tag is Too High

Satellite and cable companies love to bundle channels together, and the price tag keeps getting higher and higher. But do you really need all of those channels?

Essential Camera Gear for Semi or Professional Photographers

While expensive, the right kind of camera equipment is of paramount importance for professional or semi-professional photographers. And you will need more than a camera.

How to Earn Money from Your Articles

There are many ways in which you can generate money online. One way to do this is by writing articles for money, and there are many websites online that will gladly take your articles.

How to Secure Your Garage Doors

When it comes to home security, garages are often neglected. This is unfortunate since garages are basically a gateway into your home. But they are fairly easy to secure.

How to Plan Your First Cruise

Going on a cruise can be a great way to take a vacation. However, it can be a bit of a complicated process. Especially, if it is your first cruise.

Why DRM Will Fail

DRM (digital rights management) is a hotly debated topic. The purpose of DRM is to secure digital music, games, movies; etc from piracy. However, all it really does is cause problems for both consumers and businesses alike.

Learning About Google Adwords

If you have ever wondered how you can inexpensively advertise your online project, then wonder no more. Google Adwords can handle all of the advertising you will ever need. Now that you have finished working on that special Internet project of yours, you probably want it to receive some much deserved attention. Thanks to Google Adwords, that is now easier than ever.

How to Clean Your Roomba Vacuum

These days most people have heard about Roomba vacuum cleaners. And many of these individuals have decided to try them. But they do not always clean these devices properly, which can lead to problems down the road.

How to Secure Your Wireless Router

So you have just bought a wireless router, and now all of your computers can access the Internet without cables. That's great. But you still have some work to do.

Macrostock or Microstock: Which is Right for You?

Thanks to the Internet, artists can now sell their images through several different types of online agencies. Two examples of this are macrostock and microstock. But which should you choose?

Differences Between Prime and Zoom Lenses -

If you're new to photography, then you may be wondering about the differences between prime and zoom lenses. You may be indecisive as to which lens you should choose. But rest assured, it's really not that difficult.

Do Not Steal Royalty Free Images for Your Articles -

You've just written a great article, and you are now ready to submit it to your website. But wait! There's no photo. So you decide to look around the Internet, and you stumble upon a website that happens to have just the image you are looking for.

Why Restricting the Internet is a Bad Idea -

The Internet has been around for years, and many people love to use it. Unfortunately, there are some ISP providers out there who want to ruin it for you by creating Internet caps.

Tips on Creating a Silhouette in Adobe Illustrator -

So you've just bought a copy of Adobe Illustrator and you want to create your first silhouette. Perhaps for fun or maybe for a school project. Whatever the reason, there are some basic steps to follow.

Lens Review: The Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II Camera Lens -

If you're a dslr camera enthusiast who's on a budget, then you're probably looking for some cheap lenses to buy. The only problem is that these cheap lenses often produce poorer imagery than their counterparts. Fortunately, there is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II camera lens.

How to Remove a Jammed Ethernet Cable -

It happens. You're going about your day, and you need to remove your Ethernet cable. But alas, it's stuck! How did this occur, and how can you fix it?

How to Host Free Games on Your Website -

Looking for a way to boost your website's popularity? How about hosting video games on your site. It's a simple and free way to increase your website's page ranking.

Review: The Canon 5D DSLR Camera -

While the Canon 5D may be an older model camera; it's still an extremely useful one that will serve you well. And since the newer Canon 5d MK II is now available for purchase, the price on the "ordinary" 5D should go down.

The Jury Duty Process in America -

It may be a pain to many people, but jury duty is something most individuals in America and other parts of the world will have to deal with one day.

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on EBay -

Many people shop online for the best deals, and eBay is definitely a good place to find some great bargains. Unfortunately, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, scam artists thrive. And this makes buying from sites like eBay all the more difficult.

How to Clean Your Camera Sensor -

Dust spots are a real problem when it comes to dslr cameras. The constant changing of lenses allows dust to sneak onto the sensor when you're not paying attention. And even if you are paying attention, dust can still find a way to accumulate on your sensor. This means you have to clean the camera sensor, which is something that is dreaded by both professional and amateur photographers alike.