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How to Avoid Being Ripped Off on Ebay -

Many people shop online for the best deals, and eBay is definitely a good place to find some great bargains. Unfortunately, thanks to the anonymity of the Internet, scam artists thrive. And this makes buying from sites like eBay all the more difficult.

The Importance of HTTPS -

You've probably noticed that some website addresses start with an http and others start with an https. Http is basically less secure than https. With https, you can be sure that the information you enter is encrypted; therefore, it is more difficult for thieves to gain access to your personal information. If thieves were to gain access to your eBay account, then they could potentially use your account to buy anything they wanted; thus, stealing your identity.

Also, in the bottom right corner of your screen, you should see a little lock symbol when a webpage is encrypted. You can click the lock symbol to see more information about the security of the website.

Feedback Score -

You should only purchase items when the feedback score is high. Around and above ninety-eight percent is acceptable. This is a fairly strict way of selecting from buyers, but it is quite effective. And if you find an item from an eBay seller whose feedback score is a little lower than that, then check into why their feedback score is lower. Perhaps there was just a miscommunication or something along those lines. But if you really want to be safe, then don't go below ninety-eight percent for feedback.

Number of Sales -

Again, for the sake of safety, you may only want to purchase eBay items from power sellers who have high feedback scores. Power sellers are individuals who basically make their living from their eBay sales. These individuals have sold thousands of items to various individuals. And more importantly, they have experience. This isn't to say that someone who has sold around a hundred items on eBay doesn't know what they're doing, but these individuals have not dedicated themselves to eBay like the power sellers have.

However, if you find a normal seller who has sold around a hundred items and has a hundred percent feedback, then you'll probably be fine purchasing from them. But for the ultimate safety, only use power sellers. And remember to check the feedback score of the power sellers too, just for the sake of safety.

Phishing Emails -

When you become a member of eBay, you may encounter phishing emails (also known as a hoax) from time to time. Do not answer these emails. These phishing emails attempt to gain your personal information by tempting you to click on links that are in the email. These phishing emails may claim to be from eBay, and they may state that if you don't respond your account will be suspended.

Sometimes these phishing emails look extremely professional, and at other times, the grammar is so atrocious that it's painfully obvious that they're a complete joke. Whatever you do, don't click on any of the links embedded in the email. In fact, you should never click any links in an email period. Ever. Simply email eBay themselves to verify whether or not the information is true. There is even an email address that eBay has for you to send phishing emails (

Shopping online can be a pleasant experience when done properly. However, if you don't follow some standard safety protocols then you could really be ripped off.
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