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How to Host Free Games on Your Website -

Looking for a way to boost your website's popularity? How about hosting video games on your site. It's a simple and free way to increase your website's page ranking.

Where to Find Games -

Several websites are dedicated to providing people with free video games. One of these companies is called Crazymonkeygames. Basically, you go to their website and take a look at all the games they provide. You can then download and host some of those games on your website, or you can just link to them. But downloading and hosting these games seems to be ideal.

You can even place an ad on the same page that the game is on. Yes, you can actually earn money from the games through online advertising. This helps you pay your web hosting bill, and allows people to play games for free on your website.

There is a wide variety of games to choose from at Crazymonkeygames. If you want to be picky about what you download, then take a look at the rating that each game is given.

You can just download and host the games that have a rating of three or more if you like. A higher rated game may increase the likelihood of people visiting your site since the highly rated games will be more popular. And the more popular games are more likely to attract a larger audience.

Legalities -

It's perfectly legal to place online advertising around the video games that you have downloaded and hosted on your website. However, you can not charge people for playing the games. Advertising doesn't force people to pay you money, so it's okay to use.

The website visitors can simply ignore or block the advertising, or they can click the online ad if they're interested. But your website visitors have a choice, so it's legal.

How Many Games Should You Host -

This is totally up to you, and it will probably vary depending on what you want to get out of the games. If your website traffic is poor, then you may want to download and host a few dozen or a few hundred games. Just keep in mind that some of the games are fairly large when it comes to file size.

So make sure your servers have ample storage space for these games. I mentioned earlier that these games are free, and they are. However, if your website is really high up in page rank then you may have to pay a fee for the games. This is just something to keep in mind.

Video games are an interesting and fun way to increase the number of people that visit your website. Just remember to follow the rules, and you shouldn't have any problems.
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